Why this site exists

So, as of writing this I am 17 years old and a Junior in High School. Whilst I was building my website, my friends continuously asked me “why are you building a website?” I realized that I didn’t really have an answer, all I knew was that I saw a video on YouTube saying that I should make a website. Normally I would just watch the video and decide that I didn’t need this ‘Life Tip’, but this was a video made by Thomas Frank. (Go check him out if you don’t know him). So, I blindly created a website and was left with confusion as of why I created it. I had created my account and started making my site look nice, but it was missing content. ‘What should I put on my website’ I asked myself, so I finally decided that I’m gonna post everything, from my hobbies, to my life experiences, to my creations. Still though, why build a website, honestly I think it’s just gonna be a way for me to document my life and get myself out there. So, I will try to consistently post updates and the works. I know my life isn’t all that interesting, but I hope my endeavors in life amuse you.